Dear Jack ,

This is just a note to say THANK YOU for all your work with Hot Rod. We adopted him from a rescue group. We knew he was a bit aggressive but thought that a loving home would cure him. But when he started to attack our other dog, we thought our only options were to give him back or put him down.

He was to cute to do either so we when I found you on the internet, it was our last hope.

Two months ago he was aggressive towards dogs and people. No one could come into the house without getting nipped at. We were afraid he would bite someone eventually.

With your training he now plays with the big dogs at the dog park. He barely pays attention to other dogs in the neighborhood and anyone who comes into the house is just another person to play ball with.

We have seen him go from a scared, defensive animal to a relaxed, playful, loving dog. I can't thank you enough for giving him a second chance to be the "good boy" he always wanted to be but didn't know how.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

Jim and Diana Gosliga
Westminster, Ca.

Dear Jack ,

Myself nor my family could be more thrilled with the outcome of training our boxer Luna. Luna came from a rescue and had 2 families before us. When we got Luna she was great with my children, but she also proved to be rude and aggressive with people and other dogs. She almost bit 3 different people 3 different times. We could not take her anywhere for fear of her biting someone and walking her was a nightmare because she would go after other dogs. If I left my front door open, she would run out the door and take off.

I did not want to give up on her, but I had to do something and that is when I called you. At that point I did not have much hope and never thought in a million years we be where we are now!You guys are the best trainers!..Besides teaching Luna manners and socialization, you taught me how to be in control and confident!! I now take Luna to the dog park, eat dinner at a place with an outside patio and Luna will just sit there and be a good girl. She walks well on a leash and listens to commands. She is a lot calmer, polite, and happy. This was one time that this was worth the money!

When training was over you made sure we knew what we were doing. You made sure we were confident to take Luna anywhere without worries. I know that I can contact you anytime and you will be there,

Thanks Again!
Tracy Foster
Huntington Beach, Ca

There aren't adequate words to express our satisfaction and unconditional recommendation regarding Pawsitive K9 Solutions. For the past seven years we have been frustrated, trapped and limited by our 'Fur Kids' and our lack of knowledge and skills to neutralize, control and resolve the dogs that couldn't socialize and live together..our lives had settled into a pattern of continuous acclaimed Inland Empire Dog Trainer who informed us that our American Staffordshire Terrier couldn't be socialized and needed to be separated from other dogs the rest of her life as she was 'ferociously dog aggressive'. After breaking up five dog fights between our 'fur kids' we believed this assessment and settled into our dysfunctional rotation life pattern.

Along came 'Pawsitive K9 Solutions'. They told us that this information, perception and life style is ridiculous and that our fur kids could be together in the car, in the house and in public. We were skeptical but we accepted the challenge because we wanted quality of life for our fur kids and for us..We wanted to believe.

It's been two months since training commenced and the results have exceeded our expectations...significantly exceeded our expectations. Our fur kids are now social together, respond obediently to our commands and enjoy the Dog Park with all their new friends. We now have the life we wanted with the integration and socialization of our fur kids... We are not living our lives frustrated, anxious and disappointed and either are our fur kids.

Pawsitive K9 Solutions has achieved more than we thought they would in a shorter time. We appreciate their knowledge and their instruction. Our fur kids LOVE them as much we do. If you have a dysfunctional dog situation that you need to resolve or would like to resolve, there is no higher recommendation than Pawsitive K9 Solutions.

Pawsitive K9 Solutions made us believe and then delivered when everyone else told us it was IMPOSSIBLE. I have news for you...IT IS POSSIBLE with Pawsitive K9 Solutions..Quality of life for you and your fur kids.

Dugan and Andrea Hadek

Dear Pawsitive K9 Solutions,

When I contacted Pawsitive K9 Solutions, I had no idea what I was in store for. My 14 year old son, and I decided to adopt a shelter dog in January of this year.

We had no intentions of getting a pit, but something about Bungee absolutely captured our hearts.

He has a soul of gold that made us feel like he would never hurt us or anyone else.

Well, I like a challenge, and realized Bungee certainly would pose one, but soon realized that after a few months that I couldn't do it alone..Bungee was just too much dog for us with an incredible energy level.

Pawsitive K9 Solutions to the rescue!!

They literally took my "Disneyland Dog" and introduced him to a "military life"

We started with a lot of dog psychology, then discipline, at Bungee's level.

The guys showed up everyday to pick up Bungee and socialize him at the beach, dog park..etc..sometimes for all day.

Never in a million years would I or my kids have believed that Bungee would become this new, calmer, obedient version.

Jack has truly become part of our family, and has gone over and beyond with Bungee, as he continues to pick him up and work with him outside of any contract.

These guys REALLY CARE about our dogs and it shows in the dedication that they put in their work.

As well as the follow up they give to ensure a lifetime happy relationship with my dog.

Thank You again Pawsitive K9 Solutions..YOU ARE THE BEST!!

Nadine, Jake , Michelle, Bungee, and of course our cat Zubie..who will now come out of the closet on occasion when Bungee is around.

This letter is to express my deepest gratitude in Pawsitive K9 Solutions. When I called them needing much help with our 4 month old Irish Setter Puppy, they came right out to our house. After just the first training lesson my children able to walk with him without him "pulling". Pawsitive K9 Solutions worked with everyone in our family in training them the skills necessary to have a happy dog. Since the completion of his training he has become a very enjoyable member of our family. I highly recommend Pawsitive K9 Solutions for your training needs.

Jennifer Mundy
Huntington Beach, Ca

My Wife and I have had many different trainers for our dog and nothing seemed to work. Our dog had a mind of his own, was stubborn, jumped all over people, and barked a lot. Then we met the trainers at Pawsitive K9 Solutions. They connected with Scooter during their first session and made him a pleasure to be with. Most importantly, they taught us how to take over and achieve the same results.

Paul & Barbara Hass
Tustin, Ca.

Dear Jack,

We searched looking for just the right dog to replace Niko. We fell in love with a white female pup with black spots and brown floppy ears. My wife and I are in our late 60's and were not prepared for this beautiful but difficult dog, named Cassie. We took her to a group class which used the treat reward way to train. Cassie did not respond to the gentle leader or the treat method as prescribed by our class trainer. We were close to sending her back to the rescue shelter.

As a last resort, I searched for a trainer and found that most of the trainers subscribed to some form of the treat way to train. When I called jack and told him we needed help with our 6 month old puppy, Jack came right out to our house the very next day. After observing Cassie, he said he could help and was very thorough in explaining his training methods. He was very gentle and understanding with us and Cassie but firm on what it would take to make her manageable. After several training lessons my wife was able to walk her with very little "pulling" as this had been a very big problem for her. Jack worked with my wife and I in training us with the skills necessary to have a happy dog.

Since the completion of her training, Cassie has become a very enjoyable member of our family which includes our grandchildren.

This letter is to express my deepest gratitude to Pawsitive K9 Solutions.

I highly recommend Pawsitive K9 Solutions and Jack for your training needs.

Dennis R. Castro
Lakewood, Ca.