In Home Private Lessons:
Single Lessons Available
5 Lesson Package Available
10 Lesson Package Available
Also Available
In Home Focus Training
(3 times a week) at your home In-Kennel Training

We use the natural communications a dog understands, to teach the dog, using the language a dogs mother uses to teach her puppies..
We provide rehabilitation and owner training, basic obedience, socialization, and all types of dog aggression Issues.. Teaching the owner(s) to understand their dog(s) and Pack mentality.

We offer Social Classes, including Pack Walks, Dog Beach and Dog Park excursions.
We are available to the owners(s) well after lessons are over.

Consulting           Analysis            Advice

Providing the highest level of skill and experience to assist you with your dog.
Pawsitive K9 Solutions offers you access to the highest level of obedience and aggression rehabilitation with training experience consisting of all levels of obedience. With the understanding that owning a dog is one of the largest liabilities a person can face. Once diagnosed effective grounded solutions are presented to combat the problem(s) where it originates. Pawsitive K9 Solutions accepts all levels of aggression and works with all breeds.

Our programs bring unique backgrounds including:

  • Solving aggression problems
  • General Dominance
  • Advanced Dog Obedience Training
  • Dominance Training
  • Potty Training
  • Service and Therapy Dogs
  • Puppy testing and evaluation
  • Companion Dogs and Working Dogs

Don't Get Rid Of The Dog... GET RID OF THE PROBLEM!

Canine Behavior Problems at home, and in the real world.