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Although you are likely to see many techniques in common, it is the underlying theory and approach that is different. We work with the mind of the dog, Rehabilitate dogs to deal with their trauma's and to handle their emotions, including dog aggression, food aggression, people aggression, and fear aggression. We train the owners!

  • Hands on experience
  • All programs are "customized" to your needs
  • Rehabilitate the dog's mind
  • Train the owners to understand and be comfortable in the dog world

THERE IS A DIFFERENCE... Ready To Bring Back Your Best Friend?.. Are You Ready to Start training Or Have Questions, We Look Forward To Speaking With You... As A Dog Owner You Might Be Hesitant To Seek Help For Concern For Cost Of Quality Training. We Will Create A Plan That Will Deal With Your Dog's Issues While Working Within a Budget That Works For You..

Your Dog Is Fixable-We Work With
The Mind To Change The Dog Behavior


  • Effective Dog Obedience
  • Training And Aggression
  • Rehabilitation That Works In Real Life Situations

L.A. County, Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County

Dog training